You is Smart. You is Kind. You is Important.

One of the things I’ve learned through therapy and meditation is the importance of affirmations. It may seem kind of corny, but I am now a woman who has taken to writing positive words and phrases in lipstick on my mirror. It helps. Seriously.

One of my therapists used to challenge me to confront my negative thoughts and question their validity. I was then instructed to replace them with positive thoughts, ones that spoke to my goodness, my giftedness and my worthiness. There are still days when I struggle to do this and I am thankful for the people in my life who remind me to be kind to myself. Hence the mirror writing – it speaks to me when I don’t have the words or thoughts to speak to myself.

One friend brought me to tears when she quoted an affirmation from the movie The Help. In a poignant scene, the main character shares with the child that she cares for how important the little girl is and implores her to remember her words, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” In a very dark moment this friend repeated these words to me. They made me smile, but more importantly, they reminded me of something my mind was trying to destroy.

Affirmations have been a significant part of my healing and I am an advocate for them and the practice of repeating positive phrases. I believe that there are so many negative messages in the world and if we are not speaking positivity and light into our lives, we perpetuate those things and attitudes that threaten to destroy us.

I am smart. I am kind. I am important. I am loved. I am gifted. I am caring. I am good just the way I am. What are some words and phrases that you can use to remind you that you are amazing?

My prayer for you is that you can begin to see the goodness within.

My prayer is that you affirm others and remind them of their goodness.

My prayer is that the power of affirmations takes over the darkness and negativity in the world.




2 thoughts on “You is Smart. You is Kind. You is Important.

  1. Pining for Grace says:

    Your belief concurs with mine, what we write and send out into the world we manifest a reality for our self as well as casting a vote into the universe. 🙂

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